sidenote. be sure to stop by whitman cant jump as much as possible because what i’m saying here i’m saying nowhere else, nor is it SAID anywhere else anyways. point being, you will get a unique look into my fucked up mind.

i was originally going to call it ‘skipp killz lupe.’ and i had a sort of kill bill style cover going. i feel like half my motivation for recording any of these projects is the images that come to my mind when i’m creating the cover for them. having total control (ie. production, lyrics, recording, graphics etc) is the only way for me. although it does take a while longer to get things done.

the more i worked on “the whitman fiasco” the more i realized that “skipp killz lupe” wasn’t an appropriate title. not cause i don’t think I’m better than Lupe, more so because it’s not at all an agressive project. this cd/mixtape/download/whatever is (without a single question) the MOST personal thing that I’ve ever done.

some topics covered. my very personal and difficult struggle in expressing myself without flying things over everybody’s head (see ‘clean’ post) // a brutally honest discussion regarding my past relationships along with my perspectives of positives verse negatives, with an ultimate outlook of being thankful i’m single, a song that has already cause some real life drama // memories of being teased, being spaced out, being high in school and in life in general // a vivid account of growing up in the suburbs and the honest feelings that i coped with living in a household, town, and culture in which i did not belong // . . . and so on . . .

the more i write the more i learn that the more honest i am the better (and more easier) writing gets. most of you fuckin rappers have NO FUCKING IDEA what keeping it real means (but that’s a whole nother story).

so ultimately (haha, i guess i can get a bit sidetracked from a point), i called it THE WHITMAN FIASCO for a couple reasons. one, cause of the ‘fiasco’ i was going through over my last mixtape that the time i was writing it. two, cause it’s ridiculously autobiographical (as afore mentioned). so in that way, FIASCO referring to the general difficulties of growing up . . not to mention it’s all Lupe (fiasco)’s beats. Actually, his producers’ beats but . . you get it.

we’re looking at a borderline . . quadruple entendre. chew on that Jay!



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