First off welcome to whitman cant jump. All skipp whitman all the time. Except for when I’m talking about somebody else. But even then, because it’s on my time, it’s indirectly about me anyways.

Ok, for lack of anything else to do from the jump I’m getting my latest releases up and available. Cause nobody’s on myspace anymore. And I don’t care for my 8th grade classmates to know THAT much about me and twitter’s for the birds.

So without further ado. “INT LCL PRESENTS: CLEAN” This is the same thing as the formerly titled “MIXTAPE” (skipp whitman vs. ” “) Due to flack from his “estate” I had to take that version down, remove the material that was about to get me involved in a lawsuit and “clean” it up . . eg. the title. get it? I’m clever huh?

just click on the front or back of the mixtape pic and the DL should start right away. Also, if you’ll notice how I listed the trax. on the back. Instead of 1, 2, 3, and . . i put them in order but in context of saying some pretty fuckin significant shit if i DO say so myself. I’m humble yea.

Which brings me to the other point of this “blog.” a lot of shit that I do whether it’s designing my shit or writing or whatever, I’m usually either the only one or one among only a few entertained by it. This is not because it’s not entertaining it’s because it flies over most peoples’ heads. SO . . . and most of this stuff (ie. creative tracklisting) is simply too good to not get . .

I can already tell I’ll be breaking a lot of shit down.
OK . . NOW!! really. w/out further ado. “CLEAN



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